STRD Pictures for DVD 1 DZA

Jack Abele’s unmissable zombie comedy DATING A ZOMBIE starring Lisa Sporano, Jack Abele,  and Lora Lee Ecobelli is released on DVD September 5, 2014.

What the press and public have to say about DATING A ZOMBIE:

“Hilarious…from start to finish.” Mitch Nobody Cares
Zombie Town Gazette

“If you are politically correct—this is not your movie.”
Kevin Dumb Ass
Jack Abele Fan Club

“This movie should never have been made. It offends everyone.”
Gloria Bitch Face
Blacklodge Witches Club

“…the unfunniest, most aggravating, most repulsive film I’ve ever seen…”
Maynard – Maynard’s Movie Review

You can find it here, or get it through the Striped Entertainment Store.