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During a romantic trip to the remote island where they first fell in love, Erin discovers that her husband Kamal is having a secret affair, and that is lover is expecting a child.Thriller, Drama, Malaysia, 2015, English/Malay, 89 min.

Directed by Yasu TANAKA. With: Maya KARIN, Hans ISAAC, Ramli HASSAN, Rin IZUMI

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Vancouver detective Sara returns to her native island in Latin America to look for her missing sister. When people around her start to act strangely she doesn’t know whom to believe anymore, and has to decide whether to save her family or stop a suspected alien invasion.Sci-Fi, Thriller, US, 2014, English, 92 min.

Directed by Jacobo RISPA. With: Vivi PINEDA, Eva TAMARGO, Manuel URIZA, Joss WALESKA, Chaz MENA

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Rahul, an Indian immigrant worker arrives in town only to find the company that offered him a job has gone out of business. Gienna, a Chinese woman in her 30’s, finds herself spending an afternoon helping a stranger, a senile old lady, who can’t remember where her house is. Hafidd, a young man, meets a cute stranger at the LRT Station after they both missed the last train. Together the 3 stories create a collage and kaleidoscope of surprising and electrifying human connections that give life to the city.

Drama/Comedy, Malaysia, 2013, English/Malay/Tamil/Cantonese, 92 min.

Directed by Sheikh Munasar, Rozi Izma, Bront Palarae. With: Amirul ARIFF, Azad JASMIN, Mano MANIAM, Nell NG, Ruminah SIDEK, Sharifah AMANI, Soffi JIKAN

The friendship of a tightly knit group of five young girls is put to the test as they grow up and compete in a sporting event.Drama/Coming of Age, Thailand, 2012, Thai, 80 min.

Directed by Fa Poonvoralak. With Janejira Jumneinsri, Kankarn Pichetpaisarn, Sarinthorn Yingchart, Sikharin Subdirek, Wannasa Phunithet. Completed

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Postersm1ODD ONE OUT (Nien ten czlowiek)

Thirty year old Kuba, with his parents’ encouragement, decides to take his first job as a deliveryman.

Comedy, Poland, 2012, Polish, 87 min.

Directed by Pawel Wendorff. With Bartosz Turzinski, Jan Frycz, Wojciech Psoniak, Piotr Adamczyk, Gabriela Muskala.

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Yuri, a 35 year old business man, suddenly one day finds his life is going nowhere and decides to become a professional cosmonaut.

Comedy, Russia, 2012, Russian, 73 min.

Directed by Maxim Trofimov. With Georgiy Teslya-Gerasimov, Marina Konyashkina, Tagir Rakhimov. Completed

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One Day Can Change Everything.
Dan was paralyzed in an accident just over a year ago. On the last day of August, a group of his friends track him down in the remote cabin he’s retreated to and try to convince him to come home.Drama, US, 2013, English, 76 min.

Directed by Craig DiFolco. With Michael Izquierdo, Sebastian Arcelus, Heather Lind, Vanessa Ray, Bill English. Completed

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LLO_SellSheet_front_01sm2LOST LOVES

The heart wrenching true story of Leav Sila, one of many countless mothers who did all they could to keep their family alive during the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge.

Drama, Cambodia, 2012, Khmer, 110 min.

Directed by Chhay Bora. With Kauv Sotheary, Pok Marineth, Nhem Sopheak, Chin Neak. Completed

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How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Family?

A retired undercover detective faces his worst nightmare when his young son is kidnapped.[br] Thriller/Crime, US, 2013, English, 100 min.

Directed by D.J. Holloway, Sun KimWith Alexandra Bokyun Chun, C.S. Lee, Doug Jones, Jun-Seong Kim, Justin Chon

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Innocent BloodRING OF WATER (Acqua Fuori dal Ring)

Sometimes The Hardest Battles Are Fought Outside The Ring.

History repeats itself as two boxers struggle to survive inside and outside of the ring.

Drama, Italy, 2012, Italian/Arabic, 96 min.

Directed by Joel Stangle. With Anwar Ong Bak, Elisa Pennisi, Enrico Toscano, Faraone Ahmed, Giusy Abbate. Official Selection: Rome 2012Completed

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Innocent BloodSONG OF SILENCE (Yang Mei Zhou)
A hearing-impaired teenager tries to find her place in a fractured family.Teenaged Xiao Jing is isolated by both geography and deafness as she struggles with an awkward emotional connection to her uncle.Drama, China, 2012, Mandarin, 117 min.

Directed by Chen Zhuo. With Wu Bingbin, Li Qiang, Ying Yaning.Completed

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How Far Would You Go To Keep The Past in the Past?

A successful entrepreneur’s life unravels when an old acquaintance from his past shows up.

Drama/Thriller, US, 2012, English, 89 min.

Directed by John DaschbachWith Joel de La Fuente, Alexie Gilmore, Scott Shepherd, Francie Swift.

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affiche_riziere_ANG.inddTHE RICE PADDY (LA RIZIÈRE)

In a small mountain village in southern China lives A Qiu, a 12-year-old girl with high hopes of becoming a writer and traveling the world.

Drama, France/China, 2010, Chinese (Dong)/ 
English subtitles, 89 min.

Directed by Xiaoling Zhu
. With Yang Yingqiu, Yang Xiaoyuan, Wu Shenming, O Xuexin, Shi Guangjin, Xiang Chuifen, Zhang Wu Qiao Mi

Official Selection: Berlinale 2013, Bejing Film Fest 2013

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Dangerous Love in Kurdish Iran.

A young girl’s life takes an unforeseen turn when she crosses paths with a political activist.

Drama, UK/Iraq, 2012, Kurdish/Farsi, English Subtitles, 89 min.

Directed by Fathy Mirzaeian
. With Rozhin Fezulapoor, Farhad Amini, Rezgar Mohammadi

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What was the Civil War Really About?

On the eve of the 150th anniversary of the historic conflict, the film follows the key battles and asks why the Civil War is still so relevant for American society today.

Documentary, US, 2013, English, 70 min.

Directed by Michael Gray.

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A young Singaporean girl witnesses the accidental drowning of her brother – an event that changes the lives of a hard drinking Malay motorcycle courier and an ambitious Chinese businessman.

Drama, Singapore, 2008
 English / Malay, English subtitles, 89 min.

Directed by Marc X. Grigoroff; Starring Kelly Lim, Ravi Kumar, Zaidi Ibrahim, Mastura Ahmad, Zarina Safuan, Siti Aisyah Masgot, Chun Kong Chaar

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An Eagle’s Life as a Chicken.

A Macedonian war refugee tries to set up a new life for himself and his family.

Drama, Switzerland/ Macedonia, 2010
. Albanian/Serbian/French, with English Subtitles, 89 min.

Directed by Mitko Panov
With Enver Petrovci, Selman Lokaj, Sulejman Lokaj, Armond Morina, Shequerie Buqaj, Blerta Syla

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Sometimes To Live, You First Have To Die.

A down on his luck fighter in rural England finds himself in a harsh and challenging afterlife.

Action/Adventure, UK, 2013, English, 118 min.

Directed by John Wheeler
With Aaron Long, Simon Sokowlowski, Laura Marklew, Sarah Jane Whittaker

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Layout 1GRADERS A Highland Chiller.

A young Polish woman looks for her missing sister in the remote Scottish Highlands.

Thriller – UK 2012, English, 83 min.

Directed by David Huthchison
. With Joanna Kaczynska, Greg Drysdale, Agnieszka Bresler, Janet De Vigne



True Love Can Be Explosive.

A West Indian man tries to come to grips with the reality that his Jewish wife of many years is dying.

Drama – UK 2011, English, 82 min.
 Directed by Mark Norfolk. With Jeffery Kissoon and Jennifer Guy

Ham and the Piper


A Sweet and Deadly Trap.

A young woman triggers a deadly set of circumstances when she decides to test the fidelity of her future husband.

Drama/Thriller – UK 2002, English, 86 min.

Directed by Mike GunterWith Emily Lloyd, Anthony Green, Valerie Edmond, Stuart McQuarrie, Natalie Walter

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