Brief Reunion

Critical acclaim for Brief Reunion:

– “Gorgeous setting… creepy” –Farran Smith Neme, New York Post
– “Efficiently told… solid performances” – Sheri Linden, LA Times
– “A chilly psychological thriller” – Stephen Holden, New York Times
– “Beautifully filmed… The cast is uniformly fine” – Ernest Hardy, The Village Voice
– “Solid Performances” –John De Fore, Hollywood Reporter
– “Plucky perfs, a promising young cast… seizing the viewer’s attention… An unusual tale that delves into untidy personal histories and relationships.” – John Anderson, Variety
– “A solid, smartly wound little psychological drama that digs into the knotty qualities of mid-life adult relationships… A spare but engaging examination of personal character, and the vacillating nature of right and wrong… “Brief Reunion,” in its uncomplicated complicatedness, is the type of film Hollywood has mostly ceded to independent filmmakers.” – Brent Simon, L.A. Film Critics Assoc.


US, 2012
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Running time: 88 minutes

Directed by John Daschbach
Starring Joel de La Fuente, Alexie Gilmore, Scott Shepherd, Francie Swift, John Ellison Conlee, Kristy
Hasen, Quentin Mare

How far would you go to keep the past in the past?

Aaron Clark lives a comfortable life in New England, close to his Ivy League roots. He seems to have it all: financial security, a beautiful wife, and a close-knit circle of friends. But this peaceful existence is shattered by the sudden and unnerving arrival of Teddy, a former classmate and the proverbial snake.

Teddy worms back into their lives, “befriending” Aaron’s wife and assistant. He hijacks a 40th birthday surprise and systematically stalks Aaron — at home, at work, and in cyberspace. Bitter over Aaron’s success, Teddy pries into his business affairs, hinting at improprieties through a combination of extortion and revenge.

Relentlessly, he pushes toward destruction by unearthing and dissecting the past, until one day Aaron snaps. Now everybody asks, is Aaron the man he appears to be? Or is it true that “Nobody really knows anybody, least of all themselves?” This deep, dark question lies at the heart of human nature, and in Brief Reunion, finds some disturbing and possibly even fatal answers.

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