Graders – A Highland Chiller.

UK, 2012
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Running time: 98 minutes

Directed by David Hutchison

Starring Joanna Kaczynska, Greg Drysdale, Agnieszka Bresler, Janet De Vigne

A Polish girl travels to the Scottish Highlands in search of her missing sister.

Orphaned Polish girl Ania works in a restaurant while her sister Celina busks the streets of Edinburgh. When Celina meets Lem he offers her a job in the Highlands. She jumps at the chance, but Ania doesn’t want her to go. They fall out, and Celina travels to the Highlands on her own.

After she doesn’t hear from her sister for a while, Ania travels to the remote peninsula of Innisaig to look for her. Lem lets her stay in his caravan while she works in the local fish factory where Celina was last seen and waits for her sister to return from a supposed trip to Stornoway.

Ania falls mysteriously ill and has an emergency operation performed by the factory’s Dr Balm. While recovering she finds Celina’s guitar under Lem’s caravan. Celina would never leave her precious guitar behind, so Ania knows that something is really wrong and investigates further…