Innocent Blood

“…genuinely compellingly angst-ridden… entirely believable and sympathetic…”

“Innocent Blood tackles some big themes, like sacrifice and redemption, while exhibiting a wider social conscience… effectively taps into some very real emotions that will keep viewers fully vested in the outcome.”– J.B. Spins

“…a tautly crisp indie suspense thriller…” – Asian Cinevision

US, 2013

Genre: Thriller, Crime
Language: English
Running time: 100 minutes

Directed by D.J. Holloway, Sun Kim

Starring Jun-Seong Kim, Alexandra Bokyun Chun, C.S. Lee, Doug Jones, James Jeffery Caldwell, Justin Chon, Trip Hope


A retired undercover detective faces his worst nightmare when his young son is kidnapped.

James Park, a retired undercover detective in LA’s Koreatown, faces his worst nightmare when his young son Cody is kidnapped by a mysterious criminal connected to his dark past. As James begins to unravel the criminal’s game of vengeance, he and his wife are forced to reconcile his past transgressions and keep their faith as they fight to bring their son home safely.

On the Festival Circuit:

Asian American International Film Festival, New York City

Atlanta Korean Film Festival

Boston Asian American Film Festival

Vancouver Asian Film Festival November

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival November

The Valley Film Festival November

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Innocent Blood