Odd One Out (Nie ten czlowiek)

Poland, 2012

Genre: Comedy
Language: Polish
Running time: 87 minutes
Directed by Pawel Wendorff
Starring Bartosz Turzinski, Jan Frycz, Wojciech Psoniak, Piotr Adamczyk, Krystztof Globisz, Leslaw Zurek, Bartek Topa, Gabriela Muskala

A surreal collage of interrelated threads revolving around thirty year old Kuba who, with his parents’ encouragement, decides to take his first job. Though none too convinced, he starts work as a delivery man. Having set out on his first delivery soon after he witnesses a traffic accident, he ends up giving a statement at the police station. And so his plans begin to unravel, as Kuba has no idea about the significance of the part he will have to play on this particular day.