Ring of Water (Aqua Fuori dal Ring)

Official Selection: Rome International Film Festival

Italy, 2012

Genre: Drama
Language: Italian/Arabic, English subtitles
Running time: 96 minutes

Directed by Joel Stangle

Starring Enrico Toscano, Anwar Ong Bak, Elisa Pennisi, Faraone Ahmed, Giusy Abbate, Marco Pagliano, Maria Bankhalouk

RING OF WATER – Synopsis

Sometimes the hardest battles are fought outside of the ring.

History repeats itself in this contemporary Sicilian story set among immigrants, as two boxers struggle to survive inside and outside of the ring.

Two boxers are set to meet in a make or break bout that each one desperately needs to win. Both believe that winning would mean a better life, but their toughest opponent proves to be life
outside of the ring. Unlike the boxing ring, in the streets of Sicily, there are no rules. As the fight nears, their outsized ambitions threaten to sweep them away from the women they love, women
who know they must prepare for a future beyond the ring.

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