The First

US, 2014

Genre: SciFi, Thriller
Language: English
Running time: 90 minutes
Directed by Jacobo Rispa
Starring Vivi Pineda, Anthony Guzman, Joss Waleska, Eva Tamargo, Manuel Uriza, Chaz Mena, Byron Haigh

On the day she is dismissed from service for accidentally killing an innocent suspect in the line of duty, Vancouver detective Sara Gonzalez receives a phone call from her father. Her younger sister Elena is missing after a car accident.

Sara returns to her native island in Latin America to look for her missing sister. But things in the island community are not quite the same anymore as they were when she used to live there. People around her start to act strangely, and Sara doesn’t know whom to believe anymore. Soon she finds herself having to decide whether to save her family, or to stop a suspected alien invasion.

The First Photos

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