The Last Road

UK, 2013
Genre: Action / Adventure
Language: English
Running time: 118 minutes
Directed by John Wheeler
Starring Aaron Long, Simon Sokowlowski, Laura Marklew, Sarah Jane Whittaker and MacKenzie Arnold Williams

“A film of ideas about the afterlife, and reflections back on one’s life; it could be a darker companion piece to What Dreams May Come. The film sticks to a subtle, though consistent, idea that it is the things we carry with us into death that keep us from moving on, whether that be regrets, childhood items or even, for Toby, his dog Prince. This leads to an arguably satisfying resolution.”
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“…heart wrenching [with] many cruel, sometimes disturbing, but also emotional twists and turns…” – Crystal Connor

“…unique… exhibits a wealth of potential from a first-time director: the shots are carefully composed, the sound design is remarkable, and the sets are eerie and full of nihilistic expression…” 366Weirdmovies, Eric Young


Set in a troubled town in the center of England, life is tough for Toby, a local fighter down on his luck. His mother is an invalid; the town hates him and a particularly nasty businessman has plans for him that will tear his life apart.

One day, after losing a crucial fight, a stranger only known as ‘The Collector’ arrives to take him away and drop him in the middle of an unforgiving landscape, where he will either sink or swim. Toby realizes that he has died and landed in a cruel holding pattern between heaven and hell, where he must find his own way, or be forever stuck going in circles.

Although the journey is at times brutal and cruel, it is an ultimately rewarding story of a lost soul finding its place in the universe.

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