The Sad Cafe

Action / Thriller / US, 2012
English, 98 minutes
Director – Bennie Woodell
With Bradley Fowler, Katie Lanigan, John LaFlamboy and Matt Ukena


Love In A Time Of Vengeance.

Jack, a hired gun for the underworld, finds himself falling for Rose, a waitress in the local café. Jack is torn between his newfound emotions and the honorable code of his profession as a hitman that he lives by.

Against the advice of his partner, he decides to act on his emotions and pursue happiness. That’s when he gets an assignment that will not only alter his life, but Rose’s as well.

The Sad Cafe brings to life the gritty world where cause and effect, life and death, love and hatred play out a delicate balance. A place where unrequited love is the driving force behind closing ourselves off from the world, and is the cause of unrelenting bitterness to the happiness that was taken from us, the happiness we long for.

The Sad Cafe is, at its core, a love story…a romance tragic in all aspects. A testimony to the pain people endure in their pursuit for love and companionship.

“…intense and impressive … a compelling story of love and crime… [with]…crackling moments of gore and action…” Ain’t It Cool News
“…must be seen … a dynamic action thriller from visionary young director Bennie Woodell…” Wildside Cinema
“Bradley Fowler shows that he is anactor to keep an eye on in future films… If you like The Blacklist or The Untouchables, then watch this by all means…” C.A. Milson,