The War is Over

Drama / Switzerland, Macedonia, 2010
Albanian, Serbian, French, 90 minutes
Director – Mitko Panov
With Enver Petrovci, Selman Lokaj, Sulejman Lokaj, Armond Morina, Shequerie Buqaj and Blerta Syla


A Story About An Eagle and His Life As A Chicken

Following the bombardment of Kosovo in 1999, the Rahmanis and their three children emigrate to Switzerland. After years of living in their new homeland, the family faces the prospects of deportation.

”No one is proud to be a refugee, but when it comes to me, I am not ashamed of who I am” says Rasim – the father of the family and an ex music teacher. Desperate to stay he invents an Albanian Dance Troupe in order to garner signatures of support from the community…

The intimate narrative explores the experience of forced migration: the fraught decision to leave; the process of integration and adaptation to a new country; the impact on the family; and always, the yearning for the homeland.


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