Gettysburg – An American Story

Gettysburg – An American Story

April 24, 2014

Documentary / US, 2013
English, 71 minutes
Director – Michael Gray
Narrated by Peter Graves


What Was The Civil War Really About?

The 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment fought bravely and gallantly during the Civil War. Their regiment was the first to sign up for the Union army and arrived at Gettysburg with less than 300 survivors. Many more would sacrifice their lives there as the men of the 1st Minnesota were twice at the center of a battle that decided America’s future.

As we commemorate the 150 year anniversary of Gettysburg, Hush follows their journey from 1861 to 1865, through the milestones of the Civil War into the deciding battles of the historic conflict, and asks: What was the war really all about? What did the brave men and women fight for, and why is it still relevant to American politics and society today.

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