April 24, 2014

Rahul, an Indian immigrant worker arrives in town only to find the company that offered him a job has gone out of business. He is helped by a local restaurant owner and begins his life in the city as an illegal immigrant worker. In Setapak, Gienna is a Chinese woman in her 30’s. She is constantly avoiding phone calls from her mother and finds herself spending an afternoon helping a stranger, a senile old lady, who can’t remember where her house is. In Ampang, Hafidd a young man meets a cute stranger at the LRT Station after they both missed the last train. For someone who has never dated anyone in his life, this occasion is a life-defining moment for the young man and his only hope to see a glimpse of love. Together the 3 stories create a collage and kaleidoscope of surprising and electrifying human connections that give life to the city.

Year of production : 2013

Director(s) : Rozi IZMA, Sheikh MUNASAR
Writer(s) : Bront PALARAE, Rozi IZMA, Sheikh SHEIKH
Cast : Amirul ARIFF, Azad JASMIN, Mano MANIAM, Nell NG, Ruminah SIDEK, Sharifah AMANI, Soffi JIKAN

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