Nota (The Note)

Nota (The Note)

April 21, 2015

Genre: Thriller/Drama
Language: English/Malay
Running time: 89 minutes
Directed by Yasu Tanaka
With Maya KARIN, Hans ISAAC, Ramli HASSAN, Rin IZUMI

NOTA will screen at the Marché du Film in Cannes
On Thursday, May 14th, 2015, at 3:30pm, at the GRAY 2.


After ten years of childless marriage, Kamal and Erin face a midlife crisis. For their anniversary Erin arranges a surprise trip to the island of Sarawak, back to where they first fell in love, in the hopes of rekindling their passion.

Soon after their arrival, their taxi gets attacked by a gang of robbers. They manage to escape and end up in a deserted jungle village. A mysterious boatman takes in the lost strangers, and brings them to their resort the next day.

The following night, Erin finds a note that indicates Kamal is having an affair with a younger woman, who is expecting his baby. She hides her rage from Kamal, but is overheard by the mysterious boatman.

The boatman offers to take them with his boat to the remote cliff where Kamal proposed to Erin. When Erin shows up distraught and alone for the trip back, he doesn’t believe her story of Kamal’s suicide, and tries to blackmail Erin.

Erin is forced to take ever more extreme measure to cover her tracks, but her story unravels when she gets back to the city and finds out that the secret lover of her husband was her confidante and best friend, who is now expecting his baby.

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