The Last Day of August

The Last Day of August

April 24, 2014

US, 2013

Directed by Craig Di Folco

With  Heather LIND, Sebastian ARCELUS, Vanessa RAY, Bill ENGLISH, Michael IZQUIERDO, Rhett HENCKEL


Dan (Michael Izquierdo) was paralyzed just over a year ago. Following months of recovery and overwhelmed by life’s new realities, he retreated to a family cabin in upstate New York.

On the last day of August, his closest friends arrive unannounced to confront him about his recent reclusive and self-destructive behavior. Wanting to support him, yet skeptical of his psychological health, they attempt the tight-rope walk of loving confrontation in the hopes of convincing Dan to return home.

“The Last Day of August” is about the enduring power of love and friendship, and the struggle to overcome the mental and physical barriers that confront those living with addiction and disability. How we react to tragedy defines us, and when loved ones grapple with immense personal suffering, it’s not always apparent how to respond and whether the help we have to give is the help that’s truly needed. This film is a personal examination of how destructive behaviors such as substance abuse and self-isolation emerge from trauma, and how one finds the strength to overcome.

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The Last Day of August